Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Death to Flowers

Please don't kill innocent flowers for me
No death to flowers no petal annihilation
I will bring red wine and smelly cheese
We'll be tiptoeing with hesitant schlep

Ask me and I'll give you a rubenesque tap
As we dance by the firelight free-falling
Off your unopened cans of antifreeze
Rumbling engines and shiny chrome in our midst

Come in your stubbly skin and manly brut
See the glint in these cheeky chocolate eyes
As I ogle your javelin throwing muscles
And how they ripple with every move every twist 

Those spanner-wielding sweaty guns
Between the hardness and the warm yield
And then I realize I've been daydreaming
The moment you asked me what I needed

This isn't a Nicholas Sparks novel oh my
You lean in to fix the air conditioning
Spray icy water over overheating engines
I also think my radiator needs servicing

Won't you fix my car mr. manly cuteness
Car workshop eye candy on the weekend
WKD 5-4-3-2-1....eye contact
Well it is hot & sweaty at the workshop

Anne V

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