Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A Green Tea Benediction (ode to you, my sister)

I had no more spirit I had no more soul
I had no more me left inside to see

After a dull death-tipped decade of lore-crusted silence 
And fragile fish guts buried in hope dragged through mud
Veiny dull skies cracked out metallic acid rain
A despondent vinegar of hail and forked lightning
I saw your face and your hopes KIV-ed by her 
In green-eyed sneakily schadenfreude file-notes

In a moment of clarity well a fiery return to spirit
I fished you out for safekeeping and saving
Then oh my in a sea green caftan you appeared
All rabbity-nosed and chin dimples twinkling
Your lilting eyes grinned with laughter 
And hopes of cheese crumpets beckoning

A rocker guitarist glorious voiced angel 
O you spoke the truth with an unheard timbre so kind
Bringing forth calming cups of green mint tea steaming 
Hope and divinity in seven shades of hope billowing
Your wisdom your words saved me countless times 
From hellish dastardly winds green mile feelings

The trees watched shivered in suspense 
And danced away their brown bits to life reborn
And our soul winds rustled as the cow grass trembled 
With the dandelions that tickled our talking 
Your wise words and joy a rock-solid thing of beauty
Bringing seven shades of greenery a forever love

The greenery of life faith hope is here
O see the trees, o see they shower us with daily blessings 
My life has spirit my life has soul I am still me
And there is so much more left to see 

Anne V

Midweek Motif - The Colour Green - A Writing Prompt from Poets United

NB: I wrote this out in draft form in 14 lines, but blog formatting exploded it into something way longer. However the inspiration for this piece is from Poets United's midweek prompt, and so I acknowledge this here... :0)

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