Tuesday, 27 August 2013

we three dance together in the winds

(a requiem to melancholy)

The silence deafens as I stand here
Struggling against the brightening dawn
Or is the morning over even before it's begun?

The blood thickens as it dies unseen
Struggling against the freezing air mid-drip
Are the red fires in me enough to melt your ice?

The view darkens heavily as it expands
Struggling against the rising tide, it presses across
Has the sacrifice balanced her scales yet?

The solitude expands terribly to cover the sky
Thrumming against the ebbing beat, it collides
Is the night here a smokescreen for your death?

The silence defends me as I stand here
No one is judging us but our perceptions, they sigh
The winds are enough to set your heavenly sails a-flight

The blood thickens meaningfully as it drips
Nothing is moving in the thinning air
Deepening holes large enough for the starry night

The view darkens so velvety as it expands
No one left behind to struggle against the rising tide
She is already flying with you high up in the clouds

The solitude expands to cover the sky
Nothing calls in the greying night except our ride
The evening stars a mirage of our Forever light

No struggle no trouble my soul left 5000 sunsets ago
See the world's only a smokescreen for our immortality
We three dance together in the winds at last

-Anne V

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NataĊĦa Dolenc said...

a smokescreen for our immortality... i like this kind of melancholy.

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