Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Flame of Our Universe (and the Story of Us)

Sitting here amidst the clutter...
Books and papers, albums of memory
I see an ant crawling along the wall
Following it I see a line, a crack
And then I know where this leads...
These fissures came at the end of 2004
Not only a tsunami that changed us
It was the beginning of the end of days

The windmilling shift in our lives...
Began when you flew away without me
To find the world at your fingertips
And fantastical ideas to towel-whip
Acolytes who laugh at dirty coffee mugs...
And deny the truth before their eyes
They hate the same things as anyone else
A decade will soon bring boon to bane

While I stayed behind to honour and keep
The utopia of our joint memories...
You know this - but do they all know
Have you made it clear to them
What binds us? Yellow ribbons and rosaries?
The litany of light-years dividing our lives?
When you stop remembering us...
I see I will become the keeper of stories

And if i haven't already made the shift
Maybe I soon will morph into Nanny Poppins
The professional mollycoddler of dreams
Parachuteless skydiver resident handwringer
Well screw that...
I never signed on the dotted line
I never gave you permission to age
Nor promised you an eternity without me

Anne V

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Ostensible Truth said...

Such poetic flare in your musings: " to towel-whip
Acolytes who laugh at dirty coffee mugs...
And deny the truth before their eyes", but the strongest punch is in the close; the frantic dissonance and between humanity and desire, "I never gave you permission to age" - what a thought. We are but contradictions, wanting what we can't have. Great write!

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