Saturday, 31 October 2015


Feeling anonymous and yet not so unknown
I stare pseudo-balefully at the screen. Not again!
Incessant hay fever attacks strip away at my patience
FaceTime moments behind faceless micron masks take their toll

They demand cavernous coronary-causing rate reductions
Not knowing how much work goes into every gorgeous submission
Ensuring accuracy, perfection and absolute precision

In a Lecterian moment of dramatis imaginae I scream for blood
I dream of yelling at supersonic volumes into the night sky
Sandblasting their pleading eyeballs into tiny shards of submission

Lightly grilling their ocular liquids with red auras of my rage
Colouring the shades of my lethal declaration of nays
Thus they slither away.

Eyeless, discountless, schooled


Until I feel guilty and cave in.

Rate reduction approved.


So, who was schooled again?

Anne V

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