Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Mirage of Happy Land

Behind the flouncy flippancy
(and the fried friendliness)
lies thoughts about Death
If you must know
I never got over yours

and I never ever will get over his
Is there any rule that I should?
(and thank the Gods of poetry and verse
that he does not read blogs)

Behind the rhymes and verses
Is a hope, a lightness of being
At the truth of the impermanence of things
One grows weary of the outward happy land
with all this secretly internalized grieving

How many years does one do this? When does it end?
Soon there will come a time
When we won't waste a single rhyme

Must I be the only one with this fever
The sole witness left standing
An emotional spectator to these shifts
Paradigmal, central, mental, unfathomable
spinning unending

Did you see the clouds flashing?
How long do we play for?
Can it be forever?

Immortality is when I need to try no more
And deep into the night air
I shall banish all fear all sorrow all me
I step out and vanish softly
into the eternal inter-space of existence

Remember that you knew me
And that we had a moment
Memories of sun-browned days

during the laughter
and the happy days
Listen for the rain
and the shiny silver
lightning strike

And just like the words
my favourite poet echoed
I am in the thousand winds that blow

We will live forever

-Anne V

NB: the phrase *...thousand winds that blow...* is from Mary Elizabeth Frye's poem, Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep

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