Saturday, 28 September 2013

A different breed of gladiator

Your silky arms held me in the dark of night
Angel of silence and of myth
Has anyone looked upon your mighty face
With such longing of heart and desire within
How would they know of your secret heroism
When all that you normally bring to the fold
Is an ending of days and the drying of mists?

Your silky breath warmed me in the cold silent days
Willowy lithe creature of heaven, purgatorio, and hell
Has anyone ever wished you well through the aeons
When such melancholy and hope burn in your eyes
For an end to all these meaningless transient struggles
Should we sing a round to the merry silvery souls
And flip a last macabre hurrah to the gentle night?

Your silky voice soothed me in the deadened afternoons
Avatar of my resolve and my fractured drive to fight on
Has anyone seen you lose a battle of souls so willingly
When your immortal arms begin their mighty thundering
Your voice grainy with such prolonged wind and whispering
To float a despair that cannot end on its own steam
And a forever love that has seen quicksilver lightning?

Your silky faith kept me from going over the edge
Apple of my eye and divine bringer of hope
Has anyone ever seen you throw a fight to lose it
And save a heart-string you could scythe with one fingernail
Help me to understand your sharpened resolve
What is your interest o celestial ground runner
To keep a battered firelight burning in these dying embers?

Your silky love reminded me of why I continue to breathe
Champion of my soul and starlit soldier of heaven
Has anyone seen your loving lightness of being
How you try so hard to hold back the forces within
Underneath that midnight cloak you wrap around
As you use your scythe that doubles as a fairy wand
Gladiator of destiny I await your shiny angel wings at the close

- Anne V


Sherry Blue Sky said...

WOW! Stellar write! You have the makings here of a fantastic novel.............too many great lines to quote. Wonderful tale...intriguing! And so romantic.

Sumana Roy said...

love those arms,breath, voice, and the love and faith.....nice write up.

Kim Nelson said...

Like Sherry, I can see this piece expanded. Well done.

Brian Miller said...

i like the contrast in the scythe being a fairy wand as have woven quite the tale in this...the desire to understand the sharp resolve as well...

Brian Miller said...

yes, the captial letters have significance....sometimes they are a message....ReLease on Life, yesterdays poem...they spell out 'if i could"

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I came back for another read from the Pantry and read it as if for the first time. This is a mythic poem. I especially love "angel of silence and of myth". Beautiful writing. Very intriguing. Makes me want to read more of your work:)

Mary said...

Excellent and accomplished write!

Loredana Donovan said...

This is very mythical and mystical, as if you're describing a deity from ancient times. Intriguing :)

Susie Clevenger said...

"As you use your scythe that doubles as a fairy wand" Love the progression of "silky". Beautiful piece!!

Susie Clevenger said...

"As you use your scythe that doubles as a fairy wand" Love the progression of "silky". Beautiful piece!!

Anonymous said...

Anne, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, so I could follow the breadcrumbs here!

Lovely poem, mystical. The repeated "silky" in all its parts - arms, voice, etc., set a tone of bliss. I really loved this. Amy

Vandana Sharma said...

With love on our side , we can do wonders:)

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