Saturday, 24 May 2014

Chocolate in chains ( and then some)

I offer my dark chocolate heart to my butterscotch lover
A creamy chocolatey love-bringer o soul stirrer
For your naughty man muscles in the warm bedcovers

Hazelnut chocolate rains over your chest and we kiss
My chocolate in chains I whip out a request even a hiss
To your mischievous man fingers trying not to miss

You promised and swore we'd never ever be apart
You'd love my orangey lemony bumpy burnt heart
And hold it so carefully in chocolate stirrups

O chocolate love so dreamy so five o'clock shadowy
Can you see me struggling with my dark vinegary soul
Are you sure I will say yes must you be so bold?

Aeons ago we cracked into a thousand million shards
Dark chocolate squares vulcanized a desert of hearts
Scraped back together in hazelnut chocolatey haste 

Now will I bathe myself in darkly divine chocolate
And come to you in the deepening hours of the night
I'd rather eat chocolate than bump briny bits 

So why don't you lick these dusky hard chocolate nips

And taste the dark rummy super butterscotchy love
All over your preciously pouty peppery pineapple lips

Then..boom! The chains fall away in a soundless tune

I look up in a daze Nutella streaming from my eyes
Oh my, Phwoaar! Am I even crying chocolate tears?

You ate my hot mocha heart topping from below
Hazelnut heart terrorist was the love all just for show?
I tried to Parry, deflect...then Crunch! I was just lunch. 

Anne V

Writing Prompt - My Lindt and Nutella Obsessions  


Brian Miller said...

ouch. just lunch...
smiles...i like a mix of chocolate and intimacy
i think the chocolate might melt in the reading of this though.

: )

Loredana Donovan said...

Wonderfully delicious. But the ending ... ouch ... just lunch. I know that feeling. :)

On a side note, I love Nutella ... and a spoonful of that can make up for a broken heart. Smiles :)

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thanks Brian! My reply from yesterday seems to have been deleted. Oh well I just said that without chocolate...chaos abound. I guess I am staying true also to this blog's aim which is to write about hope and catharsis and chocolate...

Thanks Loredana, chocolate fixes a lot of things. I guess the key is to be involved in lots of endorphin-releasing activities, like chocolate eating, wool-gathering, workouts and poetry writing. And not necessarily in that order of course...

Grace said...

This made me hungry but that ending was just ouch....just lunch ~ Perhaps a nice chocolate will tide it over ~

And nice to meet you as well ~

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Haha thanks Grace. Chocolate will make everything better, even the real life consequences of crunched up hearts. :0)

Anonymous said...

I can understand how chocolate can give such sensual pleasure. I had fun reading this poem and now hanker for some Ferrro Roches. :-)

rallentanda said...

Chocolate is the answer to any kind of kicks to the hearts. Liked your delicious poem.

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