Thursday, 22 May 2014

It's Totally Criminal (An Ode to Green Tea)

I have sinned in green technicolor gelato and ice
A hyper-wash of phosphorescent green and gold
Splashed around red lips, brown tips and brunette curls
As the blue and brown blankets fall from the bed
Sensual opal green puddle curls around my feet
Minty ice cream melting on a hot afternoon in May
Racing me and dripping down one olive thigh
It sounds like sexy's back but it's totally criminal
Green tea ice-cream vindicated me and my mine
But it is still dearly proscribed, it isn't a vegetable
I have sinned in cloves and droves o diet blown
Such feathery kisses xx with marzipan leprechaun men
Bringing sweet nothings that turn to mint chocolate
Who promise me a love that becomes a mirage of gold

-Anne V

Midweek Motif - The Colour Green - A Writing Prompt from Poets United


Susan said...

Very moving, and also Wonderful hidden binge-ing exposing the need for love unfulfilled. I love the sensuality of the foods' color, touch, texture and even the fullness which is a mirage. But that green tea gelato and mint chocolate chip ice cream! I want some, and I'll go get it myself!

Brian Miller said...

vindicated by the ice cream...ha...great use of color throughout...and some nice snark too....smiles

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thank you Susan for such a kind comment! Very instinctive LOL...and yes I was craving ice cream too and went on a ice cream hunt after writing this.

Thank you Brian for commenting, I really am humbled by your visits to my little blog... and heheh you sensed the snark too hmmm...:)

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Seductive stuff all right! Or so you make it sound. :)

Anonymous said...

So... The point of this was to make me yearn for mint-chocolate ice cream...? ;) This is very layered, and I read it as the confession of someone who's just blown her diet on green goodies that aren't strictly diet-approved... But that might be just because I'm about to do the same! *smile* Like it!

Anne V (Anne The Obscure) said...

Thank you Rosemary and CC. Ice cream seduction beckons when one is dessert deprived. :)

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