Monday, 29 July 2013

Shiny Coiled Vipers

I have looked into your eyes 
And seen the expression behind your expressions
Felt the thoughts behind your words
And the feelings you shimmer out of every eye-lash

Why will you not speak the truth to me?
Do you wait for an answer before giving the question
I only know what you are thinking not why you are hiding
And you only need to say it to feel my answer true

Who was it who said out loud no guts no glory
And I guess this here is exactly what they mean
I have seen the icy glitter in your eyes
When I smile at the whole room but you

Do I need to hold your gaze in my lips
What is the reason you feel you cannot speak
Does a man speak before he is spoken for
Or does a woman step up to the plate and bite it?

There is no poetry here only a confused prose
Cause you make it so hard with your  insecure insanities
Have you felt the words behind my silence
Can you see the quiet spaces between my spaces?

Will you fight for our honour with both hands
And stab the vipers waiting behind twinkling eyeballs?
Must you be so cocky and friendly yet enraged
Young turk you only need to grab it and it is yours

I have looked into your heart of hearts
And fingered the thoughts behind your gaze
Can you see me waiting quietly in the wings
Or are we both going to turn into pillars of sand?


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