Tuesday, 30 July 2013

If It Were Enough

If Love were enough
I would be here by your side
If Love were enough
I would still be in your midst
If Love were enough
I would not have had to leave
Nothing could have kept us apart
This long, this hard, this suddenly
If Love were enough
There would be no distance
No gap between us
Not a second, not an inch
No mountain no sea
No earthly dimension
Could have kept us separate
If Love were enough
There would be no wars
No hunger no sorrow
No famine no death
If Love were enough
We would not need words
I would still be Alive
Here with you always
Holding you now and forever
Loving you for all eternity
(Well I'm doing it anyway)

-Anne V (2007)


Been cleaning up the house, as the new domestic helper that my brother and sis-in-law organized for daddy is coming in less than a month, and then I found an old diary of my scribblings from 2007. Cleaning interrupted.

The diary is labelled Bipolar Polar Bear and Other Thoughts. LOL it is full of hilarious drawings and some pretty hairy poetry. I have just shared the most kosher one above. The rest of these will get me arrested by the morality police or even worse, banned from Christmas lunches.

Also, does it make sense that I am cleaning the house so that the new maid will arrive and see a clean house? Mum used to clean the house for the maid service too. The more I try to be my own person the more I realize that I am my mother's daughter all over again. I channel her a lot as I grow older. Ha. Karma. I can just see my mum dancing right now.

 (I don't own the copyright for this pic. Check with Snoopy's creators and Peanuts.)

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