Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A Gathering of Old Souls (previously titled Judgment Day 2.0)

Standing here at the very edge
of the abyss of many yesterdays
Facing tomorrow's moonlit goals
To live forever to last an eternity___
And never face Death staring us in the face
Immortality at the very edge of impossibility
Pushing the envelope of hope, faith, desire
That all life comes down to this and only this
A trial run, a mock exam, a simple hope
For the existence that is to come
Of the life and light that awaits us___
On the other side of the sun____
Far across the shadows____
Heavenly approbation sighs
From the fading of the dying skies
To the event horizon of our dreams
Where there exists many immortal sunflowers
A multiplicity of tomorrows an eternity gleams
And a quiet wish for a gathering of old souls
A convention of the dearly missed
Of lost children and beloved parents
Baby booties smiling glances and wrinkled hands
For whom a million tears have been shed
A billion flower petals sacrificed___
Maybe the abyss will be crossed all too soon

Anne V (for April 11th)

PS. I guess I would be the only living person remembering the significance of this date. Hopefully I forget it next year (I say this every year).

(C) for this image is not mine. Internet stock photos. 

(I don't know why this pic makes me think of the abyss. It is pretty and has lovely trees. Maybe because of the shadows that abound in the foreground as one peers towards the light. In my universe, this is probably what purgatory or the path to heaven looks like...what does that say about me? Ha. Anyway this was not a poem about me, so there...)

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