Sunday, 28 July 2013


My dear readers.

A loving caution that I wrote a lot of nonsense back in the day. Please be mindful that when I started this blog I was still studying in uni (2001) and now I am a mature lady in my 30s.

So please...if you are going to read my old posts from 2003 onwards and become upset by the sheer tosh I have written, you have my sincere apologies. However I have no excuses to give and I will not delete my dark ramblings into the caverns of the nonsensical. The only reason I have would be, that was a part of  me then and I was in a dark place at the time with all the series of deaths that took place in my family from 1991 to 1999. I am not that person anymore.

Some of you may remember that this blog was originally called Psychotic Goddess and the link was O.o That link now is owned by someone else, bless them. And I have started, since 2008, writing slightly happier stuff. Onward ho.

(I don't own the copyright for this pic. Check with Snoopy's creators and Peanuts.)

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