Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bits of this and that

To be honest, I don't really know what I am writing these past 2 months. Is it prose? Is it poetry? Is a novel coming out from the crevices of my mind? I have filled 3 journals with late night scribbles and am making sense of it right now before I upload it. For awhile now, I have repeatedly had an entire dream-sequence playing out in my head and I finally decided to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and see where it goes from here. This goes against everything I learnt in English class about creative writing.

Instead of having a beginning, a middle, and an end, I have no clue where my characters are going and no idea what is going to happen next as I write. The characters move on their own and do some really weird-ass shit. And so, I am not putting it all down in writing. Not necessarily here as I think my friend's kid reads my blog. In time to come, I will just write whatever the hell I want, and then the 10  regular readers I now am left with can deal with the fallout from that. Sorry guys and I hope you stay around for the bumpy bumpy ride.

Here's a tiny sample of what I wrote. I have 5 chapters so far, this is the first page of Chapter One:

-The Cavern: A New Day-

Ally walked down the mud path towards the hut. She was dripping wet after falling out of the boat while reeling the last fish in. At least she had caught fish for dinner. Her mouth watered at the prospect of spicy grilled fish with roasted potato salad and mangoes for dessert. Her stomach began to growl and she quickened her pace.

As she approached the hut she noticed that there were muddy footprints on the front step. They looked like size 7 shoes. She couldn't remember if those were her footprints or someone else passing through. She slowed down and looked around. There did not appear to be anyone outside or any other evidence of visitors. The sky was slowly dimming and it seemed to be about 6 in the evening. She stepped quietly around the side of the hut to look through the lone window at the back to see who had entered the hut while she was out.

She did not see anyone inside the kitchen. Through the window she could see through the open kitchen door into the little hall. The hall was dark and she could not see anyone on the couch. The place seemed untouched and she did not sense anything hostile present. She turned on her viper-ray goggles and saw nothing had broken the protections she had placed around the hut.

Her stomach growled loudly. There was no other hut for miles and the nearest store was a 3 mile trek. No mood right now to trek anywhere for food. There was nutella in the hut. Fresh bread just waiting to be slathered with butter. Mangoes, grapes, almonds, smoked turkey ham, bacon and cheese. And that potato salad chilling in the fridge was calling out to her. It was too much. She would choose food over death. She decided to roll with it and enter the hut.

What were the chances that they had found her?

She used her key to turn the lock and it opened. She felt a rush of relief. The door was still locked. She turned the door and went in and what she saw absolutely...staggered her.

-end of sample-

Well what did you think?  Email me your thoughts, as usual, thanks my friends.

Also, before I go, here is an extract of some stream-of-consciousness birthday prose I wrote in July for my mum. Happy birthday dear mum.

Tree-lover Leaf Dancer (a tale of holiday bliss)

All sorts of leaves you sought brown ones, round ones fat ones pokey ones
Elfin curly-haired tree lover that you were they made you happy
Greenery and open skies with fluffy fat clouds a-scurrying cheekily
You were never overwrought at cool evening winds blowing breezily

Clocks thrown out the door dad was laid-back in getting to our destination
Knowing you needed to exult in all the green trees fully
He often drove silently and gently so that you could fly in ecstasy
And make us tell the difference so slight between 21 shades of green

my goodness really it brought you so much joy (it was bliss)
As we drove over mountainside and valley random picnic spots along the journey
A smorgasbord of hope laid out simple food made delicious
The joys of picnic eating under the skies you made it fun for everybody

Valleys we drove past clothed in fairy green branches woody brown tree-trunks
Nodding leaves and happy dancing weeds you christened as herbs and wildflowers
O my mum, Tree-lover Leaf Dancer full of delight (how has your soul taken flight?)
I hope heaven for you is a tropical rain-forest with waterfalls and rainbow picnics

There will never be trips again like those we had, for you made us complete
Well there needn't be because you loved us so much, with so much faith
After 13 years I can finally thank you for all the parts of my childhood
Through eternity and beyond we love you. Happy birthday <3 <3 <3

-Anne V

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