Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Blades of Time

Oh, give me
Something really sharp
That I may use
To pare my resolve
Down to its quick
Make it bleed red and glow
So that I know
My life pulses strong
That I may shear off
All the deadwood inside

Oh, give me
A pair of magicked
Mystical scissors
So that I have the power
To cut through it all
The thinning strings
The invisible ties
The raging chains
That bind me here
So resolutely

Oh, give me
A means to travel
Silently between
These dimensions separating us
So that I may visit you
In your little wooden house
And its white picket fences
On the other side of the next Dimension
Beyond the heavenly pale
Where you live in an eternal dawn

Oh, give me
A pair of mystical blades
The Scissors of Time
So that I can escape
I can slash my fears out
Tear away the threads here
They have grown so thin and fine anyway
From the utter strain of holding me together
I will come there
And tie them together with yours

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