Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Secret Isle

I found my bliss in a faraway isle
Where land and sky meet in a symphony

Of salty winds blowing huge waves crashing
The thrills of midnight cicadas chirping

Pseudo aurora borealis streaking
Spread glamorously across the night skies

Glistening on brown rocks crawling with crabs
Barnacley bits making their presence felt

I found my bliss in a faraway isle
The beckoning calls of the island song

Nature's choo-choo train of wind and rustling
As sharks danced with dolphins in the green sea

Hand-fed by smiling island boys burnt brown
While sea-turtles dined on the same repast

As clown-fish, baby sharks and tanned tourists
Squid calamari cannibalism

A million billion twinkling lights above
Rained down their moonlit blessings upon me

My thoughts drifting along on the sea breeze
Washing away the hard stones in my eyes

Sleeping on the beach with the cicadas
I found my bliss in a faraway isle

Softly the sandy heavens caress me
I fall blissful into eternity

(April 2012)

The rocks made a sweet whistling sound as the winds blew over them and through the trees.
O such beautiful solitude! 

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