Friday, 15 January 2010

Compassion Burnout

You prove your worth again and again
But sometimes it is never enough
You push yourself to the limits
Of endurance, of hope, of strength
But somehow it never gets you anywhere
You strive, over-reach, endure countless times
Yet in some way it all falls short It is never enough
You are not sufficiently strong
Your will may be ironclad
But your body invariably breaks down
There is only so much one human being can do
When faced with the Armageddon of all things at home
And every person is a Compassion Emergency at work
Nowhere is there any comfort
And you give all that you have
People always expect more of you
When you offer all that you are
People always ask more of you
You push yourself to the limits
Stretch yourself so thin across the chasm
Of what is and of what should be
That sometimes it feels almost as if
This is the end
And you are not there anymore
No more strength to take on anymore battering
No more will to push the envelope
No more soul to cover the hole in your endurance
You've gone invisible inside
Burnt to a crisp
You've become a wisp of vapour 
Your soul floats gently
Into the passing clouds

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