Saturday, 21 April 2007

A fall from Grace

So I see, the shining green
Hallowed bright and with a glorious sheen
What joy to be in this paradise, o Eden

To be able to leap with joy, an abounding love...

Then violently ripped out
Slippery with blood
Chewed up, spat out

Out, out, out of Eden’s bliss into this...

Down the Canal
Into the famed Abyss
Is this it then? Is this the End?

But no!

A sudden flush of air
Loud screaming that seems to bare(bear)
All the pain in the world

Bare is my skin, burning with a fiery hiss...

All my senses unfurled, a sudden push
The Canal closes on me
And presses down on me

And, lo! There is nothing to behold...

I fall down from grace
Into the abyss
Into only this

No more Edenish bliss...

Hell is something to factor in
Damnation a plausible risk
Fire! Brimstone, a void

Eh, what is this?

I have been set adrift
In a world so cold, so hot
Brimming full of love and hate

World of silent sound and peaceless noise...

Of contradictions and benedictions
Pain, pleasure and peace
This my trek through the Abyss

Through this godly, Earthy, evil place...

An Abyss of airless, hopeless, dreary dreams
Eden, o Eden, you are dead
gone from my mind, body and soul

Best make do after this Fall From Grace

Anne Varghese (2000)

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