Saturday, 31 March 2007

A Sunset hits the spot, a photoplay

Here in Malaysia, we need to work on so many things.

Our blatant disregard for nature, our habit of chopping down all the mountains and decimating all the trees in the name of progress, our indifference to the animal world, our disrespect for what Mother Nature has given us, our callous treatment of our fellow man, our politicians, our human rights record, our ignorance of refugee rights, no one blinks an eye at all at our criminal wastage of the God-given resources of this country that we so take for granted.

The endemic 'I Got Mine' Syndrome that a large number of Malaysian politicians, businessmen, civil servants, those in private industry, so-called humanitarians and the normal man in the street seem to suffer from constantly also adds to the sense of disenfranchisement.

Life is hard. And we persist in making it harder for ourselves and for everyone else. That's why living in Malaysia is not fun anymore. No one cares.

A feeling of melancholy hits the spot on my last day in Sydney. Sunset at Woolloomoolloo....sigh....Australia is always nice to visit, but despite all its flaws Malaysia IS home, and at the end of the day, it's just where I want to be.

Now if we could only be truly developed in mind and thought and word and deed, not just in having the tallest buildings, and the best merely in material things, Malaysia would be utopia.

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