Sunday, 25 March 2007

In Search of Bliss, a photoplay

The View From My Cousin's Home

If I were in NSW now I don't think I'd be coming back to KL anytime soon. The first photo is the view of the sky and the mountain range on the way to my cousin's second home in Pott's Point, NSW.

Look at the last picture and see how much more happy and relaxed I look in January 2004 just before I started at my current job. In just 3 years I have become an OAP, become fatter not fitter, and gotten laugh lines around my mouth and frown lines around my forehead. If I have to face another month like the past month, I might just throw in the towel and fly off to NSW for another 3 month holiday to re-energise and to find myself. Well, my goodness, sounds quite frivolous, no? But somehow life has become too serious recently, what with friends dying and office life becoming harder and harder.

I've just about had it working for a cause that swallows all its advocates whole and spits them out as cracked chicken bones, dead grits and masticated skin. A gross image indeed. But that's how I feel inside, all cracked like Humpty Dumpty, with only my alternate personalities for company. Does not make for very good drafting as I sit here staring at my overdue legal opinion that has the same 6 paragraphs blinking at me for the past 2 hours.

Why do causes always have to be difficult? Just once, can't we have a cause that is as easy as pie or cotton candy to fight for and to achieve? People always say what does not break you only makes you grow stronger, but must we always live life on the edge?

Must we always be striving to improve things, while living dangerously close to the breaking point? How much is too much and when will we decide that simpler times were better? In the quest for more job satisfaction, have we forgotten about something important-making sure our needs don't fall off the wagon?

Time for another pedi-mani, facial and hair day out with my home-girls. Time for chocolates, movie sessions, cookouts, barbecues and picnics. Time for anything but work. Anything but grief, sorrow, and the absence of light.

To all my friends, sorry for being a right real bi-atch this past month.
Let's see how it goes in April...