Sunday, 9 April 2006

Puppies for Adoption

I received this urgent message via sms this afternoon:

Two puppies (sisters), 3 months old, looking for a loving home to take them both in. Rescuer has been desperately looking for a home for them for two months, and moving them around. Rescuer is getting depressed and wants to find them a home before two very good-natured puppies start getting depressed too!

Can view the puppies anytime if interested. Contact: 6-012-202-6384
Serious owners-to-be only.

Check out Darma and Karma at
Click the title above.

May they find a home soon!

UPDATE 2.20pm: Hmm... the above website made me sniffle a bit. I think I want to adopt some dogs. But then I live in a teeny tiny apartment and that would be cruel for them. Guess I'll just have to make do with my tabby kittycat Tchaikovsky Giuseppe Varghese and my new calico kittycat Anoushka Giuseppe Yeap-Varghese whom I just rescued on Friday!

UPDATE 3.00pm: Just read the whole blog. The rescuers are doing excellent work. Read on how you can help helpless homeless animals in Malaysia.

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