Monday, 10 April 2006

Malaysian Foodies and Animal Lovers

Ha, I'm on medical leave from work today, because of conjunctivitis (heh, does not stop me from blogging) and chronic swollen tearducts (bit difficult there, tears have nowhere to go and I look like I am constantly in tears)! Is that weird or what? I got sore eyes from someone at work, darn it!

But this post is not about ranting about work and how it's slowly killing me (sic), this post is actually about food, and animals.

if you love animals, and you love food, here are 2 blogs worth mentioning and visiting:-

At Shamdee's blogs, there are food pix to look at (and if you like what you see you can even place an order for some home-baked goodness!) in one blog and this blogger also manages pet rescues and animal fosterings together with a group of like-minded people.

Or this food critic site (with the most yummy malaysian food pix displayed) which also does weekend cat blogging, and the best part is that the food critic also does animal rescues, mostly kittens and cats!

My faith in the world is renewed, there are people that care, who put their thoughts into action, and who step out to save our animal friends in dire straits.

I have half a mind to start a blog on the work my friends and I do for our 'High Commission for the Animal Kingdom'! We basically rescue animals that are in need of food, shelter and medical attention. One problem we have is the lack of funds, as all of us work in a humanitarian non-profit agency. So far we have mostly been rescuing cats and kittens as all of us live in apartments and cannot foster dogs in our itty bitty living spaces!

We just started doing this in July 2005, however we have one friend who regularly, on her own, spends RM2000.00 to RM5000.00 on food and medical treatment for stray cats and kittens. She now has 10 rescued cats in her apartment in Gasing Heights and over 20 rescued cats at her parents' place in SS3 University Gardens, all rescued animals.

I think what we need is a huge piece of land, at least an acre or 2, to start off with, where we can house all our rescued friends. There is a black puppy in Sunway Metro, whom I have been trying to rescue, he looks like a piawaian malaysia/black lab retriever mix, but he's so skittish he runs off when I try to go near, despite having some 'bribe' food with me. Someone must have abused him before because he is so afraid of human beings!

So what I do is leave the food under the tree, and only after I get into my car, will he approach to eat the food. How to rescue him? How do I get him to get into my car?

Any ideas folks?

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