Monday, 10 April 2006

My Old Nonsense Rhymes

Durian Cheekiness

Ah! Durians!
The creamy stinky goodness
The flesh the softness
The squishy milky phewy goo

Augh! Durians!!!

Ah! Durians!
The yellow heaven to many
The smell of hell to some
Twin paradoxes of ecstasy

Augh! Durians!!!

They smell just like you!!!

Lunatic Spychotic Frenetic Fig

As I blogged in my other blog
I realised I missed my dog
As I blogged in my other blog
I realised I had a frog
Dancing in my head
Leaping in my thoughts
All isic, all otic, freaky and etic
Is the world psychotic
Or am I chaotic
Is the country lunatic
Or am I a rubber-nosed fig
Is my home frenetic
Or am I a spychotic little freak???

Anne Varghese (2003)

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