Monday, 10 April 2006

High Commission For The Animal Kingdom

Ha ha, I have already renamed my spare blog, and will start posting photos of animal friends requiring new homes or assistance. Please check back here in a few days for information on them at my new blog. I think I have to surrender and start learning html properly. Can't keep using Blogger templates!

And those of you here purely for the angst and rage... ceh, you know me, don't give up... just wait a few days and see what I or my alternate personalities Ms Paula, Ms. Maria, Ms. Elsie, Ms. FeralCat and Ms Ambiga-MeiLi come up with.

(Yes, yes, I have 5 alternate personalities. Doesn't make me cuckoo. Just honest. And the humour helps with the sanity when one has to face the best and worst of humanity on an almost daily basis.)

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