Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Male Kitty Cat Looking for a Home!

Sir Walter "Wally" Raleigh

Everyone, meet Sir Walter "Wally" Raleigh, he is about 11 months old and in need of a home. He has just been tested FIV+ but is healthy and sturdy. He needs some TLC as he has been an outdoor kitty cat all this while. Even so, he is an adorable, loving, friendly, cheeky little garfield cat and he is looking for someone to love him back for he has a lot of love and loyalty to give.

He is a 'one-cat home' sort of little guy and does not like sharing his human/s with other cats. He needs a home, and he needs to be an indoor cat. Ok he needs a home. One should not be fussy. One can't help it though as he is so sweet and has been through so much. He has been de-wormed, neutered and he has had his shots.

He is currently being fostered by 2 friends of mine at our office, which is really not the right environment for him.

Please, give him a home!

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