Wednesday, 12 April 2006

The Green Chair

She bought the chair, o shiny wood
Great big ideas, grand maternal mood
To sit and look over the water
Silent and still with nary a bother

Walnut wood, darkest green
Her eyes gleamed, shone a loving sheen
Small warm bundle, a loving cuddle
Yawn so sleepily, sleep peacefully

Ornate claw leg, sweetest brown
Delicate carving, of hopes and dreams
A place suitable for her sweet loving nurturing
Small dimpled knees, motherly peace

Sweet dimpled cheeks, at the future she peeks
Dark green seats, patterned diamonds
Baby’s so neat, beautiful eyes of almond
Dreams of her daughter getting married
Wishes for small warm bundles, cheeks all cherried

The green chair, needed for soul food
She bought the chair, o glossy wood
Full of sweet love, grand maternal mood
Skin of warm caramel, eyes dark as soot

The green chair, her legacy
Love as pure, beauty and honeyed ecstasy
Small warm bundle, a warm cuddle
Dark green treetops, blue sky and puddles
Carved wood, patterned silk, empty green chair, there it sits

No small bundle, no grand maternal mood
Heavenly peace, from the stars she peeks
Deep soft cushion, wooden frame so slender
Pearly smile twinkles, with a love so tender
Small bundles, unsteady toddles, heavenly nurture
Loving frame, green chair, legacy and future

Anne Varghese (2001)

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