Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Coming Soon, ya...

Just too tired to blog today after the round of gatherings.
Blogposts to follow soon:

On Christmas
1. The lizard that almost killed Christmas

2. People who don't know how to buy Christmas presents:-
a) List of Best and Most Horrible gifts I received
b) List of Best and Most Horrible gifts I doled out in return

3.The new garnish: chopped fingertips!
4. The dead flying chicken who couldn't escape the crockpot
5. Menage a trois in da house

On Driving
The woman who forgot how to read road signs
The glare of headlights
People who eat, sms and pluck their eyebrows while driving
The Yellow Traffic Light is not there for decoration, punks!!!

On Neighbourly Behaviour
People who dangle underwear on their balcony railings
People who dangle other people from their balcony railings
Loud screaming deep in the night
WTF is that loud thumping???


And that's it for the upcoming blogposts.
Now to bed, to bed, to bed, I must go.
Good nite all.

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