Sunday, 26 December 2004

No more Feud

There is no more feud. Have decided to let it go.

Actually extended the olive branch the week before christmas in the spirit of the season and all that...

Since I was the aggrieved person, I guessed the first gesture had to come from me. I was 1000% sure that the gesture would be rejected and the overtures of peace rebuffed...since the other party to the feud was equally as bullheaded and about 50 times as stubborn as I was ... but

Surprise! Surprise!
The gesture of peace was accepted and reciprocated... whaddayaknow! :-)

So now, there is no more gossip :(
Nothing I feel like talking about for now: Peace- good for our blood pressure, bad for this blogpost eh?

Why the sudden desire to end a SIX month long feud?
Have decided that forgiveness need not be deserved nor earned
It need only be given freely and with no strings attached.
One forgives because one wants to forgive and because the relationship/friendship is worth more than who is in the wrong and who is aggrieved.

Now I have nothing juicy to talk about.

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