Thursday, 11 November 2004

Diary of My Thoughts (Part 4)

50. THE HEAT ON HIS BACK (Song of Lust)

Rivulets of sweat
Roll down a ridge
Straining muscles
Well cut

Salty heaven
Curves of flesh
Bold fingers
Tracing grooves

Tanned skin
Glossy sheen
Hot Hot HOT

The Heat
On his back
Burn my hands
As I kneel before him

In silent worship
I hungrily scour him
In delirious symphony
With thumping heartbeats

Hungrily looking then devouring
Drinking him in with my eyes
My heart leaps
His heart throbs and beats

Languorously rhythmical
Lasciviously sensuous
And most Hypnotically

I pull him against me
Feverish, Fuming

My hands catch fire
From the heat

We're in a fiery blaze
Skin burning so indescribably hot
From the desirous heat
So desirous

on the small of his Back

Anne Varghese (c) 2002

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