Friday, 5 November 2004

Happy Birthday Chip!!! :-)

Happy Birthday Chip
I remember the day on which you were born
It was a beautiful sunset evening
When I first saw you

I was 2 years old when you were born
I remember thinking, I have a cute little cousin to play with
And then you squawked in my face
And I pinched your cheeks

And they said that some day you would be larger, taller, faster than me
And I would not be able to bully you any longer
I remember when you were 3 and I was five
You were cute and round and tiny and so very adorable

I loved you so much
Then you grew up and grew away
And I grew up and forgot that once you were my tiny little toy, my baby cousin
And we hardly spent any time hanging out together anymore

Now that we are reconnecting once more
I am happy to see
That I have my baby cousin nearby again
Though now, you ARE larger taller and faster than me at basically everything

All I can say is thank you for being you, thank you for enjoying my cooking
Thank you for rescuing me from road bullies and lizards
Thank you for being such a wonderful cousin, a great friend
May God bless you always and keep you safe

Where ever you go
May sunshine and happiness fall on you
Whatever you do
May rainbows and love follow you


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