Monday, 4 October 2004

Songs From An Office Window Seat

46. The Hidden Songs


I think I might die soon
remember to
buy me no flowers for my grave
as all I'll need
is the light from the silvery moon
I can't be brave
my Will and my Spirit has no more room
all I want is to lie silent
in my soft quiet and peaceful tomb


As I lie here and look at the stars in the sky
Two thoughts come to mind
Where am I
When Can I Die
As I lie here and watch the Moon
I think to myself
Where Am I
When will I Die
Then I stand and watch the Sun burst over the horizon
It's flames burning out the beautiful gentle Moon
And then I know
I am in hell
And Soon I will Die

No More

Battered no more will I be
Pain can no longer
Have a piece of me
Battered no more will I be
No more struggle
No more breath
No more fight
No more life

Songs From My Office Window Seat
Anne Varghese (c) 2001

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