Saturday, 18 September 2004

OMG, kiasu people everywhere!

It amazes me how some people are so unaware that they are self-absorbed and self-serving. So caught up in their own thoughts, their own needs, their own wants, their own feelings and their own importance. Don't they realised that they're not the sole inhabitants of the universe? Don't they see that they are only part of the social construct and not its whole?

Let me relate a specific anecdote that happened 3 days ago: I was having dinner with a friend at one of my regular haunts. The diners at the table next to mine, were having a loud, contentious argument with their respective halves, whilst their combined brood of 5 children were bickering, squabbling, screaming, howling, hollering, whining, wailing, whinging and generally making a hell of a nuisance of themselves.

I (very politely, mind) asked the diners to control their noise output stating that the rest of us could not eat with all the racket going on, especially with all the bickering, squabbling, screaming, howling, hollering, whining, wailing, whinging from the children. Their reply- "No la, where got noise one. Why don't you change your table seating if you can't take it. We are talking normally. Children will be children. You are just too sensitive."

Well, well. The joke's on me.

Of course, I might be being a tad too optimistic to expect self-absorbed sorts to have any measure of social awareness at all. But come on, can't we at least expect the minimum standards of decency from our fellow survivors on this parched Earth?

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