Monday, 23 August 2004


Hah!! I finally found it in myself to delete my old blogs. Not the least of which those that were inflammatory, defamatory, heretical, sacrilegious and plain old maniacal.

Of course those old blogs were fun. Twas a walk on the wild side for me. But I was really pushing it with the entries.

Now that I have had my catharsis, I shall just admit right now to being plain little old times sane, at times insane, and at times God knows what's going on in my head, for I myself have not a clue.

Some non-heretic, non-traitorous, and non-maniacal entries have been transferred over to this blog. More shall be transferred over in due course. Right now I just feel giddy that I have DELETED MY OLD BLOGS. OH MY GOD...WHAT HAVE I DONE??????? I HAVE DELETED ALL MY MENTAL CATHARSIS LODGED IN MY OLD BLOGS!!!!

Just kidding.

Am glad I had at least deleted It's time had come.

But if now and then, I speak about the psychoticity of higher beings, I hope you'll bear with me. It's just a phase of cathartic insanity that I go through now and then.

Good night.

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