Friday, 20 August 2004

Can I Have Some Answers Please?

Can someone tell me why:

1. It is always darkest before the dawn
2. you can't have your cake and eat it too
3. one good turn should deserve another
4. the early bird has to get the worm
5. the phone always rings when you're in the shower
6. people you love the most hurt you the worst
7. bosses are pathologically stupid
8. you must look before you leap but if you hesitate all is lost
9. there should be a light at the end of the tunnel
10. the grass is always greener on the other side

Can someone tell me how:

1. To not have road rage
2. To not pine for people who are not good for me
3. To not eat carbohydrates at night before bedtime
4. To not have anger at the tip of my nose when I perceive some injustice
5. To not be so brash
6. To not have such an unhealthy disrespect for authority
7. To not be angry with my mother for dying
8. To not be angry at God for taking my mother away
9. To not hate my brother's current squeeze
10. To not be impatient when someone is slow on the uptake

That's all for today.

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