Wednesday, 4 August 2004

Lisa With The Eyes of Mystery

Happy Birthday Lisa darlin'
Hope you have a marvellous day and a great year ahead

I sometimes don't know what you're thinking
But with those smoky beautiful eyes of mystery
You must definitely be a kindred spirit
For I see an eternity of thoughts in those eyes
Limpid pools of forever in those dark brown orbs

O cousin of mine
We had fun growing up didn't we?
Water balloon fights
Balcony chases
Puppy dogs
and Kittens with mittens
Little racing cars
and playing catch on a hot summer's day
Music, boys and parties

Now that we have all grown up
And don't spend as much time hanging about
Just sitting
We are still kindred
We still have it made

But those eyes of mystery
That you never used to have as a kid
Makes me wonder at times
What are you thinking, what are you seeing
What are you feeling?

I wish you every happiness on this, your 27th birthday
May you have lots of bright sunshine, sparkly rainbows, love and good cheer with you always

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