Saturday, 29 November 2003

Silently She Speaks (a Valediction)

Silently she speaks it’s crystal clear
although she’s gone I feel her near
through the voice of my father dear
she’s in my heart she’s in my brother’s soul

silently she speaks keeping us whole
from heaven she watches 
her protector’s role

we miss her so we feel so forlorn
if it were not for one another 
we three would be gone

silently she speaks keeping us strong
I hear her calling in the night so still
I feel I must shout our loss out
out...out…out my tears spill

then I watch my father sleep 
silently I hear her speak
silently she speaks guarding me as I study

I stay awake at night reading my books
I check on my father I look at my brother
I come back and study hoping nothing goes awry

when I’m tired and sore I push open 
my father’s bedroom door
silently she speaks 
as I listen to him snore

I can’t believe she’s not here I feel fear
then out of my misery I hear her speak 
softly, softly she calls to me 
with a voice so sweet and clear

reminding me we’ll someday meet 
in a place far more lovely
each time I’m miserable I write in my journal 
and feel calmer, things become less horrible

surprised that I feel better, it hurts less than before
feeling guilty, then I guess she’s giving me a peek 
her eyes twinkling, through Heaven’s open doors

I love you mum 
Every day 
Always and forever

-Anne The Obscure (written on 22 Feb 2000)

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