Wednesday, 3 December 2003

On Point of Principle & Stuck Guns

Cogito, ergo sum
Cogito, ergo doleo
Cogito, ergo raptus regaliter

I had an argument
with a loved one today.
On point of principle.
Everybody stuck to their guns
and then there was a stony silence all day

Now I realize that
arguments on principle
are pointless when the end result
is that everyone is miserable.

And certain stubborn
stick-in-the-mud types
are none the wiser
as they refuse to see
another's point of view!

I shall not name names
but they know who they are.
On my part, I just apologize fervently
for my psychotic hold
on my point of view.

Your opinions have merit too.
Just that they are
the exact opposite
of my opinions.

Why should your opinions
be more important
and have more validity
than mine?

I demand
at the very least
that my opinions
be considered
on their merits as well.

Is there some psychotic rule
that says that your opinions
should carry
more weight?


-Anne The Obscure

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