Thursday, 16 January 2014

an olive branch submitted to the cosmos

An orange mist lifts up from the surface of the water
The wind blows with a thousand hands 
Four score years and then some lived in blackness
The ground is parched drier with each hot summer
Nothing drinks the water nothing lives in the hills

A red glow blows below the horizon 
The sun bounces its wild fingertips across the moon
Four score years and then some lived in silence
The cracks in the midnight sky bring up memories
Of battered piano keys and whispered stories 

A purple stain follows the easterly winds
The moon coughs its bedraggled rays at us all
Four score years and then some and then some
The riverbed dreams of hopeful currents 
And a bell-like tickle of living fins

A blue splash of sky leaps behind the clouds
The world tries and tries to play its song
Four score years and then someone murmurs
The ocean imagines that Poseidon dances again
Amid a swashbuckling school of flirty seahorses

A green flash of life tiptoes over the earth
An olive branch submitted to the cosmos
Four score years and then some
The earth stretches out for a return of its Love
Surrounded by rolling rainbows raining bliss

-Anne V



Enigmatic Soul said...

Ah. The birth of the world. I loved the refrain and the imagery. Beautiful piece.

Robert Bourne said...

loved the imagery you created with your words...and I never knew seahorses were flirty... :)

Vandana Sharma said...

Elements of much beauty in them

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I LOVE the title and the entire premise of this poem - I especially love "the wind blows with a thousand hands". Watching the goings on on the planet these days makes me fear your poem will come true sooner than people realize......I love the hope at the end when green tiptoes over the land once again. Maybe the next humans will re-learn how to live on this planet. Great topic and a wonderful write, kiddo! Loved it.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

i like this...almost as if the earth sends out an olive branch to ask for forgiveness..

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