Sunday, 12 January 2014

A march of hopeful tomorrows

Flying through a screen of yesterdays
I crash land into a stone and brick wall
The stones move and the bricks break
My spirit melts them down to dust
And I am standing in front of blue skies
Open windows blowing winds sunlit rays
A March of hopeful tomorrows beckon
The cold melts and the levee fills with warmth 
My heart drinks up the bubbling waters
And I am skipping over the clouds renewed

Flying through a gauze of tomorrows
I hope for a bouncy landing to come
A velvet carpet of smiles and laughter
My soul learns to smile again
And I become the epitome of joy
Is this an alternate universe?
Death and disease unknown
The laws of physics mean nought
One where happiness floats
and hope is an eternal blissness of being

-Anne V

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