Monday, 15 April 2013

Post 15 (2): A Child of The Wind and Light

NaPoWriMo 2013

My little niece asked me today where my mother was. I tried to explain that she was an angel in heaven. My little niece replied that her mum is an angel too but is a live one at home resting!!! My heart sank and leapt at the same time. I laughed out loud but my brain gave a little sigh simultaneously. It was an odd sort of pang to the heart whiskers and the soul strings. I was happy she was asking about my mother her paternal grandma, and sad that she was so tiny and would some day (hopefully many decades and a long long long long long way away) have to learn about the concept of death. The cycle of life is never-ending. Nobody said it would be Easy:

Is this what you look like in Heaven?
I see your eyes of midnight
In my mind's window
The clouds they skitter past
Holding your shiny soul so bright
In their fluffy fat breasts
I wonder how it is to be you
How does it feel to have no form
To be a child of the wind and light
Flying along the velvet eternity
Of my mind's eye (is this astral projection?)
If dreams are real (p'raps another dimension)
I am happy to see you smile finally
Dancing among the clouds cheerily
Twinkling your dimples at me
Floating on rays of light and honey

-Anne The Obscure

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