Tuesday, 14 August 2012

13 years....thirteen bleedin' years!!

Well it took me 13 years to make this blog public. Lost all my private readers (all ten of them...LMAO) after the advent of my Facebook account in 2006 because I stopped updating Blogger completely.

This is my Facebook status update from 13 August 2012.

"...am cleaning up my digital presence on the internet. Why oh why do I need 12 accounts across 7 different social networks? Must clarify, simplify & combine them all into one work and one professional account. Gotta choose between my Blogger, Tumblr, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts OMG. Feel like deleting everything and everyone can contact me on anneviva@gmail.com instead. A return to old-skool...."

So here I am Blogosphere.  <(O.O)/""

 I am back to old-skool.

Let us see where this goes.

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