Thursday, 18 May 2006

Make Love, Not War

Standing, branding, fanning the flames of hatred
Caucasian, Asian, African, Eurasian, Malay, Chinese and Indian
Racial profiling, religious branding, unfair affirmative action
Multi-racial, multi-ethnic xenophobes living together
One hot soup waiting to explode, one hot young man is all it takes
To start another May 13th, to wage another columbinic massacre

Live and let live lar, ok?
Make love, not war!

Black, brown, yellow or white skinned
Underneath it all we are all bones, flesh, muscles and sinew
Our blood is red, and you know, we all have boogers in our nostrils
Everyone has to eat, sleep, and sit on the pot.
Everyone is living here, born of man and woman, holding a MyKad even
So what makes you native and me pendatang?

Live and let live lah, can or not?
Make love, not war!

Writing Exercise #111
Anne Varghese (2001)

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