Sunday, 5 March 2006

Courage At Dawn

What a beautiful sight

Sun so sweet and bright

Moon glimmers on the right

Early morn

Birds to greet the dawn

Hear the bubble of the stream

See the sparrow’s eyes gleam

Fat worm, don’t squirm

Squeal for your life, short strife

You’re the meal

Early worm’s, that’s the deal

Stare up at the sky

When will Brother Moon die?

Confused clouds, skittering about

Sparrows drinking dew; a heady brew

The sun shines higher still

But Brother Moon takes his fill

Fade out to the other side

Wait for the fall of night

Sister sun can’t share the sky: O fie! FIE!

Dusk swallows the day, the Moon comes by

The Moon Man owns the night ride

Over the sandy, starry night

The sun comes up: blasting hot spots

Casting away the dewdrops

Blasting rays across the moonlit horizon

Staring, glaring at last night’s denizen

Burning the night shadows

Across the fields I see

Blue daisies

And daffodils so yellow

Look over the sun-kissed hills

The defiant Moon hangs on still

There’s only place for one

But Brother Moon will not run

Up jumps Sister Sun with blazing guns

Brother Moon is not quite done

Silent beacon all forlorn

No one can help you survive the morn

Foolish Rock!!!

Mother Earth mocks

Constantly doting on Sister Sun

Yet admiring

Your steadfast Courage at dawn

Anne Varghese (1999)

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