Wednesday, 12 October 2005

A Realization

A cool wind blows past
Ruffling my hair
As I carefully weed out
With loving care
Dead grass, dried daffodils
Burnt grass
Surrounding the pretty marble
Glazed soft white
Pale cream and brown vein
Ornate carvings set with love, remind me
Of beauty and sadness and loss
And the wind blows
Lifting the leaves
Carrying me back
To an earlier time
When you weren’t in a box
6 feet underground
And blocks of pretty marble
Pressing down
Reminding me that amidst all the beauty
Of the leaves in the trees
The flowers and little birds
Clouds flitting in the blue sky
Wisps of vapour skittering, flittering
Dew glistening and dripping
Off the petals of your roses and daisies
Green hills
With little white stones dotting the countryside
Such unforgivable loveliness of nature
The dratted peace
and constant reminder

That the world still turns
Life in me still burns
While you lie there

Under marble engravings
Under earth and stone
Under rocks and wood


Anne Varghese (2002)

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