Tuesday, 18 October 2005

Charisma Is Not Character

Latent hostility
Blatant friendliness
Hiding her forced civility
Of the wolf in sheep’s clothing
Of the enemy clothed as a friend
Masked as a saviour
Waiting for an opening

A Chance
To sabotage
To bring you down

Giving warm and friendly advice
Calculated to destroy
Commiseration only a ploy
Keeping her friends close
And her enemies closer
Here sits a boa constrictor
Who will crush and swallow your spine
And spit out the vertebrata

Like a sparrow
You go to the slaughter
Full of friendly innocent banter

Little knowing of the evilness
The sordidness of character
In a blanket of arrogance
Brash appearance of superiority
The banshee
Clothed to look like a wee baby

The bitch from hell with artificial adorability
Exhibiting the fake halo and pretended innocence
Of studied ignorance

Of flustered looks practiced
The praying mantis
Cloaked as a happy grasshopper
Draws nearest to the ladybug for the kill
And the enemy
Clothed as a friend
Waits for a chance

An opening
To crush and sabotage
To bring you down and bury you…

Six feet under the ground

Anne Varghese (2001)

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