Wednesday, 14 September 2005

Pulling a Copperfield

I must apologise to all of you, dear readers. And to you, dear diary, for diluting your credibility by removing an already-published post.

You see, first I wrote a post on my alter-ego the Uncle Hitter (See previous post). And people read it. Some even commented on it.

Next, because I thought it was not politically correct as some of my cousins read this blog,
I then removed the post.

But said post is how I feel inside whenever I see the extended family(some of them at least) and get the royale treatment (sic). It is time to stop being a hypocrite.

So the post is back.

Some of the extended family might not be.
At least not until the next time a major family gathering is required.

Also, this will be my last post for this month. Have a big occasion coming up and lots of things to do so I will have no time to post. Many more posts lying around in draft mode, but after this last post, I wonder if (projections are to be viewed disjunctively or however the hell you want to view them, I don't really care at this point, sorry) : -

a) I'll get excommunicated from family members who haven't got a clue.
b) Do I even care about a) ?
c) I'll go to hell, and that might be some time soon, given the short lifespan of the women in the family.
d) There is no hell, and when I die, ah be reborn as a cockroach, mon.
e) I go to heaven for speaking my mind.
f) Genuine people related to me will commiserate with me.
g)Nasty family members whom I don't need in my life anyway, will avoid me and life will finally continue being good.
h) I don't give a friggin. damn. either. way.
i) I will go to the happy place because one day, either way, I will become insane.
j) I gave this blog address to a dear hunky-manly-manfriend who found out I had a blog, and then asked for the address, and now I am worried how that will turn out with him. He must think I've bought season tickets to the loony farm and that my sanity is out the window blowing 7 sheets to the wind.
k) I shouldn't think so much.
l) There are too many irrelevant projections.
m) I forget the point of all this.

Good night.

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