Monday, 16 May 2005

The Sense of Entitlement

What is this feeling of self-aggrandisement that some people seem to have? They think that the world owes them a living and that people only exist to serve them and their own ends.

What is this sense of self-entitlement that make them think that they can say nasty things to others and get away with it, do nasty things to people and think that there are no consequences, fail in their duty to society and yet act as if society owes them, merely because they exist!

What makes them think that they can drive anyway they want on our roadways and highways, with no thought of their fellow road user? What makes them think that they can bash someone's car door in just because he found the parking spot first and took it?

What makes them think that they can drive on the wrong side of the road and people on the right side of the road must give way simply because they are driving up the street? What kind of human being cleans his car by throwing all the rubbish out of the vehicle onto the street and five-foot-way?

What makes them think that they can behave like barbarians in a shopping mall and that this is acceptable? What makes them think that they can browbeat and armtwist their fellow man into surrendering to them the last can of Nutella/Goober Grape PBJ/sardines on the shelves? What makes them think that they can grab the lone remaining shopping cart from the grasp of the senior citizen who had been waiting a quarter-hour for a shopping cart, and then pretend that they did not see said senior citizen?

What kind of parent tells her kid not to do as she does but do as she says?
What kind of teacher tells his students to be healthy but then pops out for a quick fag?
What kind of state leader tells his people to obey the laws and regulations of the nation and then goes out and indulges in nepotism, cronyism and corruption?

What kind of humanitarian tries to save the world and yet kicks an innocent animal out into the street?
What kind of human rights activist protects the rights of people everywhere, and yet ill-treats his co-workers and subordinates, denying them the basic rights of any employee?

What kind of a people have we become, that we do not practice that which we seek to preach?
How hypocritical. Hypocritical nation.

I am very much disturbed by all this as I have never seen such a huge outpouring of this narcissistic behaviour as I have seen in this country. Our prime minister was right to have said that we are a nation with first class infrastructure, third class mentality.

Is there any hope left for us at all???
Should we even try to change the world, when we can't even change ourselves?

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