Friday, 7 January 2005

Chicken-Coop Ideals

Radical reban
You holder of men's yearnings
Rarity of thought and deed
Few words spoken
No acts to hate

Radical reban
You chicken-coop of ideals
Unable to hold fast the structure
Unable to sing a forgotten man's song
No words to follow

Radical reban
You keeper of the Ruler's Silence
Cruelty of the good man
Inhumanity of the great man
Horrors carried out in the wind

Radical reban
How are you to speak
When you have no voice
How are you to fight
When you have no fists

Radical reban
Somebody has already
burnt your structure down
How are you to stand
Now that you have no ideals?

Anne Varghese (c) 2004

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