Saturday, 2 October 2004

This Is It

The sword slashes around across
A flash of pain
Forgotten is everything
Sliced pain that burns and sings
From lungs to ribs
From chest to hips

Sliced pain that throbs and beats
The sword slashes across
A shower of ice
A river of fire
Burns and festers and spreads
Sliced slashed stinging coughing fit

Forgotten is everything
Sliced pain red blood that reeks
No air to breathe
No comfort to seek
Sliced slashed into pieces
The sword slashes across

A flash of pain explodes
Always to be borne alone
Sliced pain that
lingers and corrodes
Helpless at everything cannot walk
Don’t even try to talk

This is it: gonna die
Sliced pain that explodes and weeps
For real for sure
Pain slicing through
From lungs to chest
From ribs to hips

Sliced into pieces
Fingers don’t work
Legs useless toeless feetless
World shakes brain explodes
Sliced lungs all useless breathless airless
Skid across the road

Sword slashes across around
Across around aground
Hunched over
Cannot shout
Till the grace of God comes down
Mercifully knocks her out.

Anne Varghese (c) 2002

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