Wednesday, 8 September 2004

25 Happy-Happities of Being :)

At home at 8.50am in the morning. So happy that there is no work today. Heheh... or let's be more accurate... so happy that I DID NOT HAVE to go to work today. Things that make me happy that I feel should happen everyday for/to everyone... I call these things that make me happy the Happy-Happities of Being...

  1. :))))))) Smiles a mile wide long
  2. Rainbows in the sky
  3. Confetti (extra-chocolatey M&Ms) falling from the sky (see postscript 2)
  4. The scent of vanilla in the air
  5. Hot chocolate for everybody I meet (see postscript 2)
  6. Raindrops that taste like mountain spring water
  7. Children laughing
  8. Granny smiling
  9. My brother laughing
  10. My father guffawing
  11. My mother dancing (well, recollections of her dancing...)
  12. Everything's coming up roses
  13. All the flowers are in bloom
  14. Birds a-chirping a-twittering
  15. The sky so blue with cotton-candy clouds skittering flittering fluttering about
  16. Unopened presents with shiny wrappers and beautiful bows
  17. Ripping off brown wrapping paper from a long-awaited package
  18. An unexpected present from a beloved
  19. Christmas at home with family, friends and loved ones
  20. Seeing the smile on someone's face while they open a present
  21. Fat Rabbits hopping about
  22. Fat Kittens playing
  23. Fat Puppies sleeping, barking and doing just about anything
  24. Sunflowers dancing in the wind, bobbing their brown 'n' orangey-yellow heads
  25. Love and hugs for everyone

PS. This list is non-exhaustive.
PS. 2 The author bears no duty to make the list a realistic one

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Veronica said...

That was a nice list... I want the fat rabbits and the fat dogs and the fat cats and the phat kisses ;)

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